Be selfish before everyone else.

Every morning I follow this same awful habit, it happens usually three times with 9 minute repercussions each time. It causes me to feel rushed, lazy, wasteful, and as though it is useless to try and regain the lost time. I waste the best part of the day away with the least restful and least engaging activity imaginable: the snooze. I waste my quiet morning that I so love and get up when everyone else is moving and bustling about, ruining my day.

“If you’re going to be selfish, do it at 5 in the morning.”
Jon Acuff

We all know you like your selfish time, or your me time or introvert time as the less forthright like to call it. Hey, its all good, and I’m not upset about it. Take all the “me” time you want. I’m chill, but you know who isn’t?

Your family.

We all get it, we know it is important, and they know it is important. We know that you need it. We know that you can be a better dad, husband, and all that when you have some personal time. That you are the best version of yourself when you are doing things you love. Heck, who isn’t? But your family doesn’t need you to be the best you, they just need you, they just need you to show up. So save it for early in the morning before they are up if it really is that important to you.

It’s so worth it.

That’s what I have to do, and I don’t even have any of the above listed delightful hindrances, I just have roommates, and believe me they are enough to throw off my mojo, or moofoo or whatever it is that goes all wrong when I see them up when I thought I was the only one awake. With their prying eyes, booming voices, and loud clanking instruments of cast iron and aluminum. I can’t do it. I just lose it. And so I give up.

Or I make it a battle.

I make it a battle to see who can…no, who will be the first to rise. Cause we all know you don’t want it like I do.

What’s that? Oh, you’re planning on getting up at 6 AM — noted.

And so I battle the world for the most precious time of the day. I’m claiming the 4:30–5:30 AM slot, challenge me for it if you will.

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