Gravity, Momentum, and The Hill

We all have a gravity that slows us down.

Deadlines, unexpected server crashes, personal issues, industry variability, whatever. It’s all gravity. Gravity is a constant. There’s not really much you can do to get away from it.

But here’s the thing: what you do with that gravity is what defines you.

If you’re standing still, the only thing gravity is going to do for you is drive you into the ground further. You can get angry or frustrated, and you can complain, and look at the ground and then back at the sky. You can try to get by, walking, or even mustering the energy to sprint, but you’ll never see yourself getting ahead until you fight the gravity.

You see, not only do we all have gravity. We also have a hill.

We have a hill to climb, to go directly against the gravity that’s pulling us down. And sure, sometimes it may feel like you aren’t moving forward, because you’re fighting the gravity.

But you’re moving up.

And if you climb the hill, instead of fighting just to keep your feet moving, you now have an advantage. You have an opportunity. You have the ability to start on top of your gravity, and use it to fuel you into momentum.

When you’re running downhill, the gravity is still dragging you down. But it’s also propelling you forward.

We all have gravity that slows us down. But only some will climb the hill. Only some will use the gravity to move them forward.

Fight your gravity, and climb your hill.

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