Hospitable Excellence

There is something about refusing business as usual that draws us in, that whispers of something better, more real, more true. We feel delighted in the light of others’ glory, as they live into who they were meant to be, and then in turn we feel re-invigorated to live into our own character.

This is the response to true excellence.

When you encounter this breed of excellence, a deep part of you comes alive; it bridges that gap between what is probable and what is impossible. The impossible begins to feel much more likely. You’re reminded that you too were born for greater substance than life as usual.

As you enjoy their mastery of craft, you look to your own, dusting it off once more. You dress yourself for work — for dirty, hard, life-giving, soul-fulfilling work. The kind that you know will feel deeply satisfying even when you fall flat.

This is one of the reasons why music is so deeply loved and universally appreciated, and why the response to it is to join in the song or dance. Your toes must tap, and your voice must sing. Even when you don’t yet know the notes or the steps — you’ll find them, you can learn.

There is a quality about true excellence of craft that comes from tireless hours of honing, that invites others into its light, into its warmth. Excellence that results from passion, in the truest sense of the word (suffering), offers a depth of hospitality and humility that is palpable.

You can taste it in the air as they speak, smell its fragrance as they walk by, feeling it in the breeze as they pass.

We see it and our hearts say, “Yes.”

Rather than feeling envious, we breathe deeply and continue our own journey.

Excellence such as this pushes you forward, inspires your own creativity. It disarms your insecurities and resurrects your hopes. It really doesn’t matter what it is they do or if you have anything in common in your pursuits, because it is their chase that inspires you, not so much the thing they are chasing.

As you see them you are refreshed with breath of your own and you run again; you are reminded of your dreams rather than their own.

This is the type of excellence I will pursue, that which will partner with others hospitably and humbly; welcoming them to dance in my light and in the warmth of my dreams.

Come join me.

We won’t step on one another’s toes; there is still room to dance.

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