I wouldn’t change a thing.

“Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”
― John Lennon
Photo Cred: Kody Dahl

The adventures we love are often the ones we never sought out, while those that we sought are often the ones that might disappoint us most.

All my favorite trips or happenings have been things that I had never planned. The truly “Good Life” requires a kind of serendipity and happenstance that no one could ever recreate.

Sometimes this may look like the colliding of worlds with some kind of evangelist of skill, sport, or work that you come to love.

Maybe a spontaneous trip to Iceland with two people you hardly know.

Piling into 2 vans with 20+ strangers to travel to Glacier.

A flight booked for Seattle when the destination was supposed to be Spokane, and boarding a train for Whitefish, Montana.

Boarding a flight to Peru for God knows why you chose Peru.

Emailing a local businessman you heard speak in your class one time.

Dropping out of school after being inspired by a roaming vagabond who plays 12 strings, wears disgusting rope sandals, and smiles more than anyone you’ve ever met.

Buying a house in Chattanooga.

For a year now I have tried to reconcile the life I’m living with the one I had dreamt of living the year prior. Life has happened, it’s undeniable, unexpected, and unasked for. While many of the things that I had expected, and had asked for, have never happened.

I wouldn’t change a thing.

And yet?

What about love and mountains,

the surf and travel,

distant shores and icy hills,

chalked fingers and pinched toes?

Another life perhaps?

You only liver forever, maybe you’ve got time.

Or maybe not.

What of home and stew,

dirtbags and v-dubs,

expeditions and sailboats,

blistered face and worn soles?

Life has happened.

You haven’t missed it, and yet…
Might you, if life is just a thing that happens to you?
Find it as it comes and make it as it tarries.
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