My New Pomodoro Setup

I’ve been wanting to figure out a decent workflow for my personal pomodoro-ing.

So, here’s what I set up today.

  1. Focus — I use Focus ( to block sites that are unproductive. So, I have that installed, and it works quite well. It allows you to set a script up for when you start your session, and when you end your session. Here are mine:


say ‘Focus mode.’
export PATH=$PATH:/Users/jonathancutrell/.slack
slack presence away
open “"


say ‘Walk around.’
export PATH=$PATH:/Users/jonathancutrell/.slack
slack presence auto

2. Notice, in the first script, that I’m opening the Egg Timer. That’s my new pomodoro timer, ‘cause it’s stupidly simple.

3. Finally, I’m using an extension to add custom JavaScript to a site. I overwrite one of the egg timer page’s functions to stop Focus by opening focus://unfocus (something that the Focus app supports) and subsequently opening EverHour.

Egg.onTimeComplete = function() {
window.location.href = “focus://unfocus”;
window.location.href = “";
Egg.updateParts = function(){};

Simple and effective. I’ll try this workflow and see if it works for me.

I encourage you to find ways of automating this kind of minutia.